Working at the Nauta Group

Nauta is a real family business and we are proud of that! How are you doing? And did you have a nice weekend? These are questions you hear regularly in our corridors. We like to work together, work hard and are prepared to do a lot for each other. We all have one common goal and that is to make our customers Nauta’s biggest fans. To achieve that goal, we at the Nauta Group work on the basis of four core values. These core values form our DNA and make us unique. They describe who we are, what we believe in and are recognisable to our relations.

Do you have the Nauta DNA?


Nauta is an authentic and close family business, and we are proud of the fact. The company has been built on entrepreneurialism, perseverance and hard work. Go-getters who put the client first work here. They are solution orientated and focus on building long-term relationships.


Our way of running the company and working together are based on trust, honesty and openness. We listen, keep our promises and treat our clients, other business contacts and each other with respect.

Genuine interest

It’s in our DNA! We treat our clients and other business contacts the way we treat each other: personally and with commitment. Collaborating, helping each other and celebrating success ensure that we enjoy our work and that we keep achieving our goals.


The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary is just that little bit extra. Performing better than yesterday. We achieve this by continually surprising our clients with our innovations, personal service, by sharing expertise and organising workshops and events.

This is what we offer you

If you want to come and work with us, you can expect the following:

Committed colleagues

Personal development

Enjoyable get-togethers and sport activities
A relaxed atmosphere

Internship or combined study and work

If you are looking for an educational work placement or if you want to study and work at the same time, then get in touch with us at [email protected].

Nauta is a member of the Cooperation Organisation for Vocational Education, Training and the Labour Market [Samenwerkingsorganisatie Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven or SBB] and is recognised a s accompany that offers work placements. Our employees are happy to share their expertise and we want to guide you while learning on the job. As well as learning a lot about your subject, you also have the opportunity to see inside a terrific company and you learn to deal with customers.


We do not have any vacancies at this time.

Get to know your colleagues

Employees speak

,,I started in 1978 in the warehouse at Nauta. Yes, you read that right. I’ve been at this terrific company for more than 40 years. I’ve never been bored and I’m still pleased if the whole team has managed to get all the orders out by the end of the day and the warehouse is neat and tidy again. Why do I still enjoy working here so much? The atmosphere and team spirit in the Nauta Group is very special. There’s a lot of commitment and everyone works hard for each other.”

Steef Klomp

Logistics Manager Nauta.com

Employees speak

,,I started at Nauta in the office and always wanted to be out on the road as an account manager. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity and now I visit clients in their stores. Nauta is a really cool company with a fine, friendly atmosphere. Many colleagues have become good friends and I see them outside of work as well. Lots and lots of really nice activities are organised as well, like drinks, office parties and trips to sport events, and I can tell you, you don’t want to miss them!”

Robert Schattenberg

Account Manager Nauta.com

Employees speak

,,After my graduation project at Themans Hang- en sluitwerk [locks and fittings], I ‘stuck around’ as they say. As a Junior Product Designer I’m now involved with the development of new products and the optimisation of the existing product line. When I was doing my graduation project, I was allowed to work on things like the development of an improved multi-point lock and an adjustable doorhandle. At Themans, you get every opportunity to make use of your creative and technical knowledge.”

Bart van den Berg

Junior Product Designer
Themans Hang- en sluitwerk

Employees speak

,,I work for all the companies in the Nauta Group in marketing. It’s great, because you have contact with other colleagues every day and every day is different. You can see straightaway that the Nauta Group is a family business. Everyone is really committed and there’s a convivial atmosphere. And don’t forget the activities! A lot is organised the whole year, including the business marathon and a volleyball tournament.”

Marinda van de Beek

Marketing staff member
Nauta Services

Employees speak

,,In my job I have a lot of contact with clients in the Netherlands and Belgium and I contribute to promoting our products and concepts widely. I really enjoy the combination of commerce, technology, creativity and intensive contact with people and it encourages me every day. Working in a flat organisation makes you very committed and means that you have a lot of responsibility. Working with fantastic colleagues who are all obsessed by the job means that the last 7 years have just flown by.”

Patrick Kleinhuis

Account Manager
Themans Hang- en sluitwerk

Employees speak

,,The best part of my job as a service engineer is that I get to meet new people every day. I jump in the car in the morning and go all over the country to fix problems. Often it’s a safe that won’t open. The challenge for us always is to get it open again. I’m also regularly at the company to help the team assemble safes. That’s always good. We work hard for each other, but we also like to make fun of each other sometimes.”

Orhan Arslan

Service Engineer Nauta.com