The Nauta Group means quality, expertise and reliability. Committed, versatile and inventive family business since 1963.


On 23 September, we at Nauta Group celebrate our 60th anniversary, a wonderful milestone of pride, growth and success!

What once started as a modest enterprise, from Sijne Nauta’s car, has grown into an international player with a broad portfolio of products and services.

We would like to express our gratitude to all our employees, customers and partners who have helped us get where we are today. Together, we face the future with confidence and look forward to another 60 years of progress and success.


One of the highlights of 2023 is the launch of our lithium-ion battery safe; the Batteryguard. An innovation in the world of battery storage. With the arrival of Batteryguard, it is possible to safely charge e-bike or tool batteries. No more worries about battery fires, as the Batteryguard keeps the fire inside the safe.


In 2022, the Nauta Group will acquire a majority stake in CaptureTech Products BV. a company specializing in Key and Asset management. This acquisition offers a
tremendous new dimension to our existing business: electronic issuance of keys (KeyConductor) and valuable assets (CapLocker) via a cloud-based software solution. The arrival of the CTP software development team opens up numerous new possibilities when it comes to building software applications and adding intelligence to our existing solutions.


In 2020 extensive renovation takes place in all our offices and showrooms at our headquarters in Barneveld. All our office staff move to a temporary location in the Harselaar business park for six months. The company building is reoccupied at the end of 2020 and our completely revamped Experience Centre also reopens, where clients can experience products for themselves.


On 1st January 2020 we take over the business operations of Rodekoratie BV in Schagen. Its trendy key rings, small leather products and accompanying counter displays are added to our own brand Rodie. iVeilig (an IoT solution) is launched at the end of 2020. In addition to mechanical security products, there is a growing demand for smart security solutions that can be controlled remotely from a smartphone.


We take over Filex Security in 2019. Filex Workplace is then introduced in 2020 in addition to the safes, including deposit, key and hotel safes, and storage solutions. The Workplace range consists of interior design, including office cupboards and workplace furniture.

Our completely renewed e-commerce platform ‘Nauta.com’ is launched in 2019, allowing us to better serve our clients. The introduction is also accompanied by a restyling of our logo and house style.


The Merlin Group, a partner in Lincsafe, takes over Nauta’s interest to ensure the further expansion of the already strong Lincsafe brand and its export over a great deal of the world. Nauta continues to develop and supply the tested, burglary resistant housing for Lincsafe.


In addition to our own safe brands Salvus and SISTEC, Nauta develops its own exclusive lock and fittings security street with the name Veilig [‘Safe and Secure’]. We offer an extensive range of security products in the security street, including door fittings, locks, cylinders and hinges. Veilig is a complete store concept for the DIY sector.


The start of the ‘intelligent safe’. The Dutch company Lincsafe is established in 2013 in collaboration with Merlin, which specialises in cash handling and software development. This means an immediate reinforcement and expansion of the Nauta Group’s activities in the area of processing, checking and physically protecting cash.


Nauta is 50 years old on 23rd September 2013, a period characterised by enormous growth in terms of product range but also internationally. With branches in the Netherlands and Germany and clients throughout the Continent, the Nauta Group is one of Europe’ s most comprehensive distributors and its range now includes around 10,000 security products.


We are now one Europe’s most comprehensive distributors of mechanical security products with branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. We also export to all continents from those branches. In order to provide all the subsidiaries of the Nauta Group with services like financial administration, ICT, HR and marketing, Nauta Services is established, a Shared Service Centre in the Nauta Group.


The takeover of the supplier ORGAMI SISTEC in Germany takes place. ORGAMI SISTEC is a manufacturer of high-quality fire and burglary resistant safes, archive cabinets (SISTEC) and interior design and lockers (ORGAMI). The production of Lampertz data safes is taken over in 2010, including all rights, patents and licenses, etc. A new production facility is set up in Wallmenroth, Germany, and the data safes are produced from then on under the brand name SISTEC.


The Nauta Group takes over the lock and fittings part of Themans Group, and then the brand S2 – Safe & Secure and its accompanying operations in 2007. Themans promotes itself with the S2 brand as a manufacturer and developer of innovative and solution orientated locks and fittings.


The first models of our own international safe brand Salvus are introduced to better serve the international market. The safes are produced with the most advanced techniques and have been certified by the ECB-S (European Certification Boards – Security) in Germany, the leading organisation for the certification of burglar and fire-resistant safes.


Son Wybe Jan Nauta takes over the family business in 1997. The expertise and drive of the father was inherited by the son, as was the affinity for the customer and the personal touch for which Nauta has been known for years.


The Nauta Group takes over the operations of Espé Nederland from Putten, wholesaler and specialist in keys and cylinders. The range is extended with brands including Iseo and Errebi.


Two reasons for Nauta to celebrate in 1993: The group celebrates its 30th year and we move into our current premises on Hanzeweg. The divisional structure is also extended: the different operations and markets in which the organisation operates are brought under Nauta BV. (locks and fittings) and Nauta Security Storage BV. (safes).


Nauta takes over Alfa Metaal BV and Holland Safety Brandkasten BV in Haarlem, expanding its activities further in the area of safes under the brand Holland Safety.


Nauta takes over the production of Key Guard in the Netherlands and establishes Benco Holland BV. The existing key range is complemented with accessories, such as key rings, labels and cords.


Nauta keeps growing and moves to the Harselaar business park in Barneveld. There is a large showroom and efficient office space.


The key range is extended further by taking over Berthold Neumann & Co., a key factory in Germany. We use the brand BENCO, whose name is derived from the name of the German firm, to supply not just keys, but key-cutting machines, accessories and safes, creating a significant profile for the company in all European countries.


The company and its turnover grows, and so we move to Zevenbergjesweg in Voorthuizen. The need for staff in the field arises as well as office and warehouse employees.


How Juwel became a jewel. Sijne Nauta acquires an exclusive license to sell Juwel safes in the Netherlands. The Italian brand was already well known in the industry. Juwel was our biggest supplier. Juwel safes are still part of our range today.

“When the company was starting, I sold everything, as long as I thought it would make a profit. Rolls of plastic sections, plastic handrails, Pegulan floor tiles and miles of hosepipe”


Sijne Nauta starts as a self-employed businessman in Gouda on 23rd September 1963. The name of his trading company is Handelsonderneming S. Nauta-Agenturen. Visiting clients along the way, he travels to Gouda from Almelo on Monday mornings in a Borgward Isaballe Combi he rents from a friend for 12 cents per kilometre. His first ‘warehouse’ was the boot of his car. He simply sold everything in it. The car was loaded up in the morning and had to be empty by the end of the day.