Our product specialists work closely every day with our colleagues from the Research & Development department. This means that we know precisely what is going on in the market and that we can combine that knowledge with the creativity and technical expertise of our developers. We are flexible, can react quickly and we can translate your needs into a tailor-made product. Products are tested at our special locations and manufactured in house.

Our latest product developments

S2 universal window handle

The S2 universal window handle has been developed for casement, double casement and tilt-and-turn windows. The handle has been designed to be extremely elegant and slender so that it can be operated in any situation. It is suitable for left and right turning windows, has been SKG** certified and is available in various RAL colours, including black or white.

Fire-safe battery storage

Business premises or homes where lithium-ion batteries are stored are at an increased risk of fire, particularly when the battery is being recharged. This safe is fitted with an automatic fire-suppression system, which is activated immediately if the temperature inside it rises. The sensor-extinguisher is fitted under every shelf in a zigzag. As soon as a battery overheats, it is immediately cooled with a foam layer of BerkiCold. After the fire suppression system has been activated, it can be quick and easily reset by our technical staff.

S2 Ultimaxx hinge

One of the latest developments in the area of locks and fittings is the S2 Ultimaxx. The plain bearing hinge is SKG certified, but doesn’t use anti-tamper screws. The big advantage for the fitter is that you only have to cut the mortices in the doorframe for the hinges and you don’t have to cut notches for the anti-tamper screws. Fitting the hinge is not only easier, but the person doing it saves a lot of time.

Quality and certification

Our R&D department is based on more than 50 years of experience. We combine that knowledge with our clients’ input to introduce high-quality innovations to the market. All of our products are developed with the latest techniques and thoroughly tested in our own lab and they satisfy the most important Dutch and international standards and certifications.