Social and environmental responsibility, at Nauta, we also think that it’s important to contribute to a sustainable world. Our policy focuses on four priorities.

Our products

In the production and packaging of items, we look for opportunities to protect the environment. When developing new products, we look for sustainability: durability and as maintenance-free as possible. The impact on the environment because of service and premature replacement are therefore kept to a minimum. There is also provision within our development budget for research into the recyclability of materials in the production process.

We only do business with suppliers and partners who have the same attitude as we do and who respect our standards for ethical, professional and responsible business. We check that our suppliers observe employment and environmental guidelines in accordance with international standards. Our service providers have to satisfy all applicable legislation and regulations and are informed of our code of conduct. We expect our partners to endorse this code and to organise their business processes so that we can maintain our policy.

Our management

We make use of solar panels to heat and cool our company, we encourage the purchase of electric vehicles and we are endeavouring to reduce our use of paper. When renovating our premises in Barneveld, we consciously chose for the reuse of existing materials.

Our people

We support the development of our employees’ skills by means of training, and we also try to increase awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle by means of our annual ‘Blij(f) Fit’ [+/- ‘Happily Fit, Permanently Fit’] week, when we organise all sorts of healthy activities for employees and clients. We also try to convey the message that we think that fitness in general is important by sponsoring sport events. Furthermore, we endeavour to encourage the participation of all groups in employment by means of our HR and recruitment policies.

Our environment

Our annual support of national and local good causes is a logical element of our corporate social responsibility.

Where possible, we offer diverse educational institutions the opportunity to make use of our expertise and experience in training students. We are a recognised company for work placements for senior secondary education and training.